What is a widget?
Widgets are the fundamental building blocks of the Dinosell campaign. They are independent blocks that are ready to be added to your campaign, and you can customize these widgets to reflect your interests.
Dinosell provides three categories of widgets.
  • Revenue Boosters
  • Customer Retention
  • Customization

Revenue Boosters

You can raise store revenue with the aid of revenue boosters. Each widget in this category has a distinctive and alluring design that grabs clients’ attention and encourages them to make additional purchases.

🧲 Customer Retention

The customer retention widgets from Dinosell are designed to keep your clients for the long term and convert them into devoted consumers. The ultimate objective is to increase first-time clients' lifetime value and turn them into recurring customers.

⚙️ Customization

Customization widgets help you to interact with customers and give them a personalised experience. which is a fantastic way to get feedback, display outstanding reviews about your store, and so on.
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