Testimonial Widget

What the Testimonial widget will do

This can be a collection of good reviews from your loyal customers which can create a great impression on the new customers in your store

How it will benefit the merchant?

You can use this widget to promote goodwill in your store and/or company and showcase your qualities like your integrity, your promptness, your awesome customer service, as all of these will be reflected in the good review of your satisfied customers.

How to set up the widget?

The setup is very simple, when you drag and drop the widget in the desired position, the setup tab will open up and there you will have provision to add the testimonials, you can do it by pressing on the add button and also the option to set the background color for the testimonials. As of now we have a default theme and a sleek theme for the testimonials. In future we will be adding more. When you press the add button you will see the provisions to add the author's name, the content of the testimonials and the provisions to edit the same and the
provision to add the image or the author.

How it looks on thank you page?

Here is how the design looks on the store.
Digital download widget on thank you page
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