Preview campaigns on the thank you page
There are two ways to view widgets on the actual thank you page:
  1. One method is to go to the thank you page by checking out trigger products.
  1. Go to the order status page of a previously ordered product (the product must be the trigger product of the test campaign)

1. Through normal checkout

  • Create a test product, use it as a campaign trigger, and check it out.

2. Via previously ordered products

Step 1 :
Create a campaign > Make it the top priority campaign (Drag the campaign to the top of the list of campaigns.)
Step 2 :
  • Go to your orders section page in your store admin
  • Click any of the orders that match your campaign trigger to access the order details page for that specific order
  • Click on the More actions drop-down button on the top right section of the page
  • Select the view order status page option
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