Image with text

What text widget will do?

This widget gives you the option to add images and texts. You can choose the image from your local device or set it as a URL.

How it will benefit the merchant?

This widget can be uses to create testimonials, information about the company, to show remarkable reviews about your store. In general this widget can be used to showcase the proficiency of your website.

How to set up the widget?

The set up is very simple. Please click on the widget drag and drop it in the desired area. You can select the source of the image from the image source. Click the upload button to upload image from the local system. If you want to upload URL then paste the URL in the space provided.

How it looks on thank you page?

Here is how the design looks on the store.
widget on thank you page

Use Cases / Examples

This will get an idea of how this widget can be used.
  1. Customer testimonials
  1. Founder's thank you message
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