Cross-sell widget?
Cross-selling is a sales technique used to get a customer to spend more by purchasing a product that's related to what's being bought already.

What cross-sell code will do?

The widget will show cross-sell offers on the thank you page. with modern UI and lots of customisation option to match the need of different types of customers.

How it will benefit the merchant?

By cross-selling customer will buy more products which in turn increases the conversion

How to setup the widget?

  • Drag and drop the widget to thankyou page
  • Select the cross sell products and set the discount

How it looks on thank you page

Important: If your store is password protected then the cross-sell widget may not show on the order confirmation page (If you take view order from Shopify admin > Orders). If you are authenticated with a password on the storefront then, do a test order checkout to see the cross-sell widget on the actual thank you page.
Cross sell widget on thank you page
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