Confetti Widget

What text widget will do?

Confetti widget as its name sounds.
Creates confetti like effect/ Animation when the widget shows up on the thank you page. We have different styles of confetti animation/effect.
You can adjust the same in the style setting. Also, you can adjust the time duration and the time delay of the animation.

How it will benefit the merchant?

Customer Experience. Period!
If you are looking to give your customer a sensation of achievement or something being gifted to them confetti widget is perfect for it. Along with the animation we have also added a thank you note with the founders name on it. Which adds to the customers shopping experience. This gives the customer a personal / beyond business touch to the shopping experience.

How to set up the widget?

It is very easy to set up and place this widget Just click on the widget type in the list of the widgets given at the lest side of the screen, then drag and drop it in the desired position on the thank you page.

1. Drag and drop the widget to thank you page

How to place confetti widget in the thank you page?

How it looks on thank you page?

Confetti widget customer experience in actual thank you page.
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